Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're Back!!! Finally...

Okay so i promised that as soon as my ginormous work International Convention was over i would be a better blogger, and be a better blogger i shall. I just needed about a week to recuperate and i'm feeling almost as good as new!

So in this past month not a ton has happened, but it sure feels like it to me. Yes, we got new nightstands and i'm so thrilled! i love having our lamps by our bed instead of in an un-permanant home on our dresser. So i can almost say that our bedroom is done, but as cliche as this sounds, a room is never complete right?? I need to figure out how to have someone photograph our apartment, or someone to edit the photos that i will attempt to take....

We have a couple projects in the making, mostly having to do with painting furniture, so nothing new, but it might take a while for anyone to be able to see them, including us.

One thing that Chris has gotten way into is having plants in the house and i love it! I recently bought him some organic herbs and not only are they adorable but they are quite delicious and cost effective! I love being able to literally tear cilantro from a stem in a pot on my own kitchen counter and throw it on the cutting board! Hello, best thing ever!

Well while i keep you waiting on pictures of our humble abode, i thought i would share my most recent purchase as of 5 minutes ago with you since it's so great.....

Isn't it perfect??? Yes it's velvet, and yes it's slate! And yes, it was only $16.99 at World can find it here. And then there's the thing i wish i could have purchased to go with it, but this one not as affordable so not as attainable, for now anyways....

Also at World Market, but this time for $ if you are a better saver than i am, you can find this one here.

Just on a side note, i do have to say that i have piping down now, and by that i mean on pillows. I found some fabulous blue velvet that i had to make a lumbar pillow from, and it is fab....

Pictures to come....i promise ;)


  1. Glad you're back! I love that blanket, too, but really...why do throws have to be so freaking expensive?! Lame!

    I'd love for you to check out my giveaway. I think you will love these watercolors!


    1. I know right???? Gosh, i love throws but they are crazy expensive!

      I'd love to enter your giveaway...i actually love her shop and saw one that she did and didn't order it right away which was a mistake because the next day it was gone....

      I will check it out though! Thanks girl!