Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Master Bedroom Inspiration: Part 2

So i know it's super lame that i didn't do a post yesterday, but my job is extremely demanding and especially now! So please don't give up on me! So with that said, besides work ALL i think about is what i want to do in our master bedroom. I did find something that's PERFECT for it this weekend and i'm hoping to have it soon to show you, but Chris said before i buy ANYTHING that i need to sell some stuff that i won't be planning to use anymore. So that is what i am in the process of doing. Trying to sell things to make room for new things. I wish there was a Plato's Closet for home decor, because i'm pretty sure i'm make some good headway with such a place! So for now, i will just continue to be inspired.

So our main concern is our lighting/nightstand situation. We're obviously not going to live in our basement apartment forever (cross your fingers people) but since we are right now, the way our room is set up doesn't provide too much storage. Because of this, i don't have as much room on my side of the bed for a nightstand because Chris has a larger one with some storage space. If we could both fit something like that, it would obviously be ideal, but since we can't we were just going to stick to the one nightstand for now. But then comes the question, what do we do about lamps?? Chris HATES the idea of wall lamps, which i obviously thought was brilliant! But now i'm questioning my taste...maybe they ARE ugly and my husband has a point. Regardless, i found these swing arm lamps and this tutorial on how to cover up cords that hang down if you're in a temporary living situation like we are. Does anyone have any inspiring ideas??? I need some help here....

Both of these lamps are Robert Abbey from Wayfair. I just don't know if they're what we should do, but i do think i like the price!

And this tutorial that Brett at Manhattan Craft Room on covering the lamp cord is genius! I do love the way she did it and would never have thought of it myself...

By the way, i had told Chris that we needed to make a trip to ikea to pick up another faux fur, but guess what??? All sold out! I was going to make the stool out of the one i already had, but i don't want to cut it up and staple gun it to find out that ikea isn't getting them back! So i decided to wait. I did put my existing one on my coffee table topped by my gold tray, and it does look quite chic! I'll post pictures i promise....


  1. Bummer that Ikea was sold out of the faux fur, I was excited about your project. Home Again consignment store in Midvale I'm sure would take your old goods and they have some really great finds too!

    1. Oh my goodness what a great tip! Thank you so much! If i haven't sold some of them by this weekend, looks like i'm headed to Midvale. I'm sure there are some things they turn away too right?? Thank you so so much! And don't worry, i haven't given up on my ikea project quite yet!