Monday, January 16, 2012

C. Wonder

I don't know where this site came from, but i LOVE everything they have, including their prices. Mariah, my younger sister, got me this bowl for christmas and it definitely satisfied my craving of gold lately.

I may have peeked at the price, only $8.99 for this beauty. It also comes in chocolate, navy, and red coral. Click here to see all of the colors.

Now my goal for next Christmas is to convince Chris that we should get a new bed and bedding. I like what we have, but i just want it to be perfect, and it's just not quite there yet. But i think this pillow would get me a little closer.

And this one is on sale right now for $14.99 for the cover (insert not included). It also comes in chocolate, navy, and orange. I just need to figure out what color scheme i'm going to go with for my bedding. Navy, coral, and bronze perhaps?? I think it's a promising option...

Click here to see the color options for this pillow. Check out the rest of their site! It's amazing!


  1. whup! whup! yay, i'm the first follower. ;D i hope you are having a marvelous monday!


  2. I am really diggin the tribal prints lately. The bowl is gorgeous!