Saturday, January 28, 2012

Master Bedroom - New Addition

Oh my i am so excited!! I know i said earlier this week that i would be getting the first new addition to our master bedroom and i got it this week! I know i might be the last one to get one, but it's a trend that i haven't fallen out of love with, and don't think i will.....

YAY!! My very first and only gold sunburst mirror. Since the ones that i liked so much were so pricey, i thought that the DIY was was the way to go. But then when we were at home depot last weekend looking at plants, i spotted the Martha Stewart one for only $34.97!! And as you can tell, i thought it was perfect! Perfect size, perfect color, perfect price! Another update, i sold a TON of stuff this week, so the plans for the bedroom are getting more realistic and exciting! Can't wait to share!!!

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