Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Zinc Letters

I love these letters (and everything else) from Anthropologie, but with a $98.00 price, it just wasn't the right time to order one. So i know i'm not the first one to try this, and i also know that this isn't the one-and-only tutorial on how to do this, but i tried it with the silvery paints and it did not turn out the way i planned. Then i stumbled across this tutorial on Sugar and Charm. As much as i love that she chose to spell out 'EAT', i decided to buy 2 different sized 'M's (for Middleton) and do that!

Black acrylic paint, Folk Art pearl paint, cardboard letters (you can use wood if you want) and a foam paint brush.

Paint the letters all black and let them dry. Acryllic paint dries really fast as long as you don't load it on too thick, which you won't need to do. Then, dip your brush into the pearl paint and use long strokes to paint over the black. This silver coat will give it the texture and depth it needs to look like a matte metal. If it looks to white, just keep spreading the paint from that spot. The less paint and the longer the strokes on this the better. My sister who has never painted anything in her life got it right away!

The top one is about 12" tall and the bottom one is at least double that tall! I really promise i will take better pictures tonight and update this tomorrow, but this really is a project that i love. I honestly think this is the first one i did after we got married, and i haven't gotten sick of them. I keep moving them around to different places of course, but they're so versatile they can really go anywhere. I hope it's as successful for everyone else as it was for me.


  1. Wow! These are great! I have been wanting to try this method out myself with cardboard letters :)

  2. oh my gosh these look SOOOOO good. I am so impressed! Way to go!


  3. So cool! I tried to follow you but this site wouldn't let me! I'll try again later.

  4. LOVE!!! Where did you get the large 'M' letters? I'd love them for my kids' room!

    1. Hey Ninah! i'm so glad you like them! I got the large ones at Joann's as well...they were on the same aisle as the smaller ones, just a little different style as you can see. i hope that helps!