Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rue Magazine: Coco + Kelly Home Tour

Can anyone tell me why they haven't made it so that ipad's can pin things to Pinterest yet?? I hope that's their top priority right now because that is the only thing i can't handle about my ipad. So i'll tell you what i do. If i see something i like i bookmark it, and after a while all the bookmarks build up, so i go to a computer, go to all of those pages, and pin the things i like. Might sound ghetto, but it's the way things have to be for now! Anyway, i've had this post bookmarked for a few weeks now from Danielle Oakey Interiors feature on Coco + Kelly and that home is really all i think about! You know when you're constantly going through the phase of needing the exact right look for your home, well this one hit it on the head for me. Not only because it is beautiful beyond reason, but because i already had so many similar things that i just needed to add a few things and believe it or not, i think i finally have the right look i've been going for all along, but didn't know it yet.

I just loved everything about this space and i already had very key pieces. I just needed a couple more to finish it off. So you know the blue slate bolster i blogged about, well it came and just wasn't what i wanted it to be. So i took it back to the World Market and guess what i saw??? The orange pillow from this apartment. So of course i exchanged it and it now has a lovely home on my white sofa. I also took Danielle's advice and got the blue dot pillow cover from ikea so that the orange pillow would have a friend!

Sorry, i could only find the brown one online :(

Now i know that this has nothing to do with the look of this apartment, but i did get some new window treatments as well (and by that i mean drapes, panels, curtains, whatever you want to call them) and i LOVE them. I liked my ones i had before, but these fit the space way better. Just keep in mind that i DID NOT buy the brown pillow if you're wondering if brown and charcoal are supposed to be close to each other. My pillow is indeed the orange one.

and this is a little closer look at the tribal pattern...

They are pretty sheer, but the color is perfect and they look great in front of the window! Especially with all of Chris' potted plants. It's just so summer! I feel like i'm living in some awesome apartment downtown with all of our plants in the window. These curtains were $39.99 per panel at Zgallerie and i highly recommend them!

Also a little bit of fun news, i went to Sarah Swanson's Gallery Wall shop and bought one of her prints, and then the next day won another in a giveaway from Jamie at Kreyv! I was so excited and now i have 3 that i hung up perfectly!! I love how they all look together! And yes, i know i keep threatening to put my own pictures up and it will happen, but we just all have to be a little more patient, me included! But for now, i'll let you use your imagination!

I also have to comment on the trim on the doors. Chris and i have always said that when we move we are totally doing that! What a statement and how easy! I don't know if my home could take any more gold, but i've seen it done with black before too and it looks incredible!

I hope everyone had a very memorable Memorial Day and is just as excited as i am that this week is already almost over! That is truly the best part about Monday holidays!


  1. Oh my gosh...just complaining to my hubs about how lame the iPad pinterest app is. I just need to be able to pin it!

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