Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guest Post: Designs Shuffle's Kristen Crosby

I am so happy to finally feature our first guest blogger. Kristen Crosby from Design Shuffle has had her writer Mari put together a great piece that i know you'll love. Enjoy!

"Big & Beautiful: Large Scale Furniture & Accessories"

Hi, everyone! It's Mari, a writer from Design Shuffle, a fabulous site that brings together designers and design lovers to showcase projects and share inspiration from the world of interior design. I'm so happy to be visiting Allie & Chris at Lucy Schwartz Design as a guest blogger. Today's post is about big and beautiful furniture and decorative accessories. Large scale pieces can become style statements in most any space from the living room to the dining room. We hope these eight big and beautiful choices will inspire lots of "strong" decorating ideas!

This lovely purple living space is filled with oversize furnishings. Where shall we start? The massive mirror above the fireplace is gorgeous. As are the large tufted ottoman turned coffee table and the long purple velvet sofa with its clean lines and thin legs.

Large Scale

Large scale wall art becomes a beautiful focal point in this contemporary living space. The comfortable sectional sofa feeling oversized but does not overwhelm the room.

Large Scale

Right now, we're loving these oversize shaded pendant light. They look stylish over a dining table, but would work equally well above a kitchen island beautiful.

Large Scale

What catches your eye first in this lovely dining space? The massive mirror is almost covers the entire wall and beautifully reflects a gorgeous contemporary chandelier. But, the large chunky dining table simply can't be overlooked.

Large Scale

A tall upholstered and deeply tufted headboard adds big beauty to this eclectic bedroom design. Pale tones are soothing while large scale pattern brings the bedding to life.

Large Scale

Restoration Hardware does big and beautiful so well. Wall map, golden column and linen sofa are all big and beautiful. But, at 33" wide and 86" tall, the surveyor's tripod floor lamp steals this show.

Large Scale

Living room designs are the best place to use your favorite color palettes. Against a pale wall, big and beautiful white glass table lamps are stunning atop this slim acrylic table.

Large Scale

A floor to ceiling ornate gold picture frame is an unexpected truly large scale piece behind this writing table with simple purple slip-covered chair. Doesn't this space evoke lovely interior design ideas?

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Ready to introduce larger furniture in your home? Check out Design Shuffle for more great ideas from the top Boston interior designers, San Francisco interior designers and many others!

Thank you Kristen and Mari! Come back again soon!

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