Saturday, March 24, 2012

3rd Times the Charm....NOT!

Allie and I ("the husband," aka Chris) just finished a DIY project we have been planning for a long time. I cannot take any credit because while I worked an 11 hour day, Allie was so busy working on her dream headboard for our new bedroom. We will post a DIY tutorial in the future for all of you, but for right now I just want to say what a huge accomplishment this is for us. We have had a lot of challenges during this process such as a broken saw at Home Depot, more than doubling the allotted budget (we were still very under budget for the typical price of headboards in stores) , but worst of all was hanging the headboard on the wall! Whoever has said, "3rd Times the Charm" has not seen us attempt to hang a headboard. No joke, it took about an hour and a half....we were becoming so desperate we even started to blame the level, wall, screws, or anything else because we couldn't come up with any more reasons why it was not working out for us. Talk about putting your marriage to the test! ha ha In the end we had to laugh about the whole thing, and now that it is DONE we are absolutely in love with how it turned out. Allie really wanted to make a dramatic headboard height which now makes the statement in the room. Also, Allie just had a birthday and I surprised her by ordering her dream bedding from West Elm. I love the look we are created. Enjoy the pictures and please let us know what you think! We love hearing from others and learning how to make things better. Also check back with for our future DIY tutorial. We learned a lot from doing this project and I am sure if you are considering doing a similar project it will be worth learning from our mistakes.

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